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The easiest way to track your workouts and sessions

Building an impressive physique requires progressive overload over time. Liftbear helps you keeping track of weights, reps, exercises and much more.

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Why you should use Liftbear

Analyze your fitness
Explore and assess your fitness level by reviewing metrics like weight/reps/time volume, maximum, 1RM and have them visualized.
Track your sessions
Log every move you make while doing your workout. Easily adjust your exercises, sets, weights, reps and times.
Organize your training
Manage your workouts, exercises and sessions in beautiful lists and never lose track of it. Pinning and powerful filters included.
Unlimited data
Create as many workouts, exercises and sessions as you like. We'll take care of backing them up in a secure cloud setup.
Multiple Themes
Choose between different themes and toggle between dark and light mode. Or just let it adapt to your system settings.
Personal records
Keep track of your personal bests. See when and what new records you achieved in your exercises.
Get motivated by awesome statistics regarding your training consistency and your favourite times.
Weekly Session Goal
Configure how often you want to train per week and smash your goal every week.
Use the rest timer and exercise timer to know exactly when it's time to start or stop an exercise.
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